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Compton Family Narrowly Escapes Gas Fumes
The Times Herald, 1949

My entire family narrowly escaped dying from coal gas fumes. Somehow the damper on the exhaust pipe going from the furnace to the chimney became closed during the night. The Times Herald article mentions that my younger sister saved the family when in fact I awoke with a headache and woke my oldest sister. She went to the kitchen with me to get something for my headache and she passed out. I then ran to wake my mother and father. Chief Vincent from the Bladensburg rescue squad said "it was a miracle that the furnace did not explode". To this day, my oldest sister (10 years older) and I have a very special bond from this near death experience. The article also says that we lived in on Defense Highway in Landover when we actually lived in Landover Hills. Defense Highway is now referred to as Annapolis Road.                        By Ron Compton

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